Using Examity in Brightspace (D2L) with a Hawkes WebTest
Reference Number: AA-00758 Last Updated: 2021-07-19 16:41

Checklist Before Starting

1. Create a WebTest in Hawkes and assign it to your course

  • You may password-protect your WebTest within Hawkes under General Settings

2. Link your Hawkes section to your Brightspace course

3. Make sure the WebTest direct link is visible to students in Brightspace

  • Place the direct link in a unit titled ???DO NOT SELECT ??? Go to Examity???
  • Let students know that this test should only be taken through the Examity unit in Brightspace

4. Add the Examity unit and external tool (if not already done).

  • Navigate to Content > +New Unit > name and Save > Add Existing > External Tool Activity > Select Examity
  • Make sure the Examity unit is published and visible to students
  • If you do not see Examity listed as an external tool please contact your Brightspace admin

Create Test in Examity

1.    Navigate to Examity unit and select ???Examity??? (Examity should open in a new tab)

  • Select ???New Exam???

2.    Select your Brightspace course, name your exam, set exam availability, and select Next
3.    Select your security and add the Hawkes direct link

  • Within Brightspace, navigate to the unit that holds the Hawkes direct link for your exam
    • Right-click on the exam link, and select ???copy link address???
    • Paste the link address in the ???Link to test??? field in Examity
  • Leave the ???Exam Password??? empty
    • You can set a password for your exam within Hawkes if desired
  • Select NO for ???Enable Browser Lock???
    • This ensures that students will be able to open Hawkes within Brightspace to take their exam
    • Students will still be monitored through Examity so you can see their activity while testing

4.    Set the rules for your exam

  • You can create new rules or copy rules from a previously created exam

5.    Instruct your students to navigate to Examity to take their exam

  • Students will have to create an account and verify that their computer meets the requirements for Examity the first time they use the platform

6.    Once students submit their exam within Hawkes, they will need to end their Examity session

  • You will be able to review these recordings by selecting Examity within Brightspace

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