D2L: Link Sections
Reference Number: AA-00722 Last Updated: 2024-06-26 11:14

How to Link a Hawkes Section to a D2L/Brightspace Course

1. As an instructor in D2L/Brightspace, open your course then open the Hawkes Learning Sync Tool.

2. Sign in using your Hawkes Teach account email and password.

3. Select the Hawkes course that matches the D2L/Brightspace course you're working in, your name as the Instructor, and the corresponding Hawkes section to link to.

  • In most cases, you should only select one Hawkes section to link to a single D2L/Brightspace course.

4. Select Continue

Once you complete the above steps, your Hawkes section will be linked to your D2L/Brightspace course. You'll now be able to sync assignments, grades, and students can use Single Sign On.