D2L: Set up Single Sign On
Reference Number: AA-00725 Last Updated: 2023-08-09 14:49

What is Single Sign On?

Hawkes Single Sign On bypasses the Hawkes account creation and sign in process by automatically creating the student???s Hawkes account, enrolling them in the correct Hawkes section, and automatically providing them with temporary access to Hawkes the first time they select the Single Sign On link.


  • If you set up Direct Links, it automatically enables Hawkes Single Sign On. This means you do not need to add the Hawkes Single Sign On Tool when using Direct Links. However, some instructors choose to still add the SSO tool in addition to setting up Direct Links in order to make it easier for students to access the eBook and Practice Test resources.
  • Instructors need to enter section start and end dates in the Hawkes Grade Book for student to receive temporary access at the start of the term.

How to Set Up Single Sign On

1. Before students can use the Single Sign On link, your D2L course needs to be linked to the corresponding Hawkes section using the Hawkes Sync Tool.

2. From the Hawkes module you created, select Add Existing.

3. Select External Tool Activity.

4. Select the Hawkes Single Sign On tool.

Note: If the tool is named differently (ex. Hawkes Learning, Hawkes LTI 1.3), your school may be using the newer LTI 1.3 integration. You can still select the link to publish Hawkes Single Sign On. Please visit our D2L/Brightspace LTI 1.3 support page for information on how to edit the tool name.

5. The tool is now added to the Module. Make sure the Hawkes Learning SSO module is visible so that the Single Sign On Tool is visible for students to see. There will be no eye icon next to the Hawkes SSO tool if it is visible.

  • To make sure Single Sign On is working properly for students, select the Hawkes SSO link. If working properly, it will take you directly to your Hawkes student account.         
  • Reminder: The Hawkes Learning Sync Tool should remain hidden (you will see an eye with a line through it), while the Hawkes Learning SSO tool should be visible

Single Sign On Notes & Best Practices  

We recommend you set the Single Sign On link to open in a new tab to help prevent potential browser errors. If this option is available, based on your D2L permissions, you can do this by following the steps below: 

  1. Select down arrow next to the SSO entry
  2. Select Edit Properties In-place
  3. Select Open as External Resource