Moodle: Using the Student Sync Tab
Reference Number: AA-00718 Last Updated: 2021-11-15 20:13

Why would I need to display and use the Students tab?

Most do not need to use this tab. If you are using Single Sign On you do not need link your students, as the linking will happen automatically when they select the Single Sign On button.

If you are not using Single Sign on, but you want to sync grades, have temp codes sent to your students in bulk, and/or auto enroll students into the correct Hawkes section, you will need to utilize this tab.

Additionally, if a student creates an account directly through Hawkes (and not Single Sign On), they will not be linked to the Moodle course. In this scenario, use the Students tab to link the existing student account in Hawkes to the student in Moodle.

How to Display and Use the Student Tab

1.    Select a Moodle course. Then select the Hawkes Synchronization Tool.

2.    Select Setup in the top right-hand corner, and enter your credentials.

  • If you???re accessing the sync tool for the first time in a course, you???ll be prompted to enter your credentials immediately after opening the tool.

3.    Select the checkbox option for ???Show Students page' at the bottom of the list of sections.

4.   Select Continue.

5.    Any Moodle students that are not linked to Hawkes will be displayed as unlinked. Select these students and select Link to match them with their existing Hawkes Access Code or send a temporary Access Code if they do not yet have access to Hawkes.

  • You must wait until the section start date to create temporary Access Codes through the synchronization tool. Otherwise, the codes will not be generated and sent to your students.
  • Most often if a student already has an Access Code enrolled in your Hawkes Grade Book, a matching student will be displayed in the ???Recommended Hawkes Student??? column. If a matching student is not displayed, but the student already has an Access Code enrolled in your Hawkes Grade Book, select Browse and select the student???s name.

6.    Select Continue and then Continue again to complete the linking process.