"We're sorry! The page you are trying to access cannot be opened..."
Reference Number: AA-00675 Last Updated: 2022-01-20 14:38

This error message occurs when students try to use the Hawkes Single Sign On link in Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and security settings prevent the page from opening.

To resolve the error, students can use either Chrome or Firefox to access the Hawkes web platform via the Single Sign On link instead.

Students using Safari on a laptop or desktop computer can also try following the steps below:

1.    Open the Safari menu
2.    Go to Preferences
3.    Choose Privacy
4.    For "Cookies and website data", change to "Always allow"
5.    Select the SSO link again. The Learn site should open.
6.    Follow steps 1-3 again
7.    For "Cookies and website data", change back to "Allow from websites I visit"

Steps 6 and 7 are recommended for security. If cookies are cleared in the future, the student will need to go through this process again because our site will change from a ???website I visit??? to an unrecognized one.

Note for Instructors

Instructors can prevent this error from occurring by setting the Single Sign On link to open in a new tab. Instructions can be found on the "Set Up Single Sign On" page for your school's Learning Management System here: Hawkes Synchronization and Single Sign On.