How to Sync Assignments Using the Hawkes Synchronization Tool
Reference Number: AA-00669 Last Updated: 2020-07-30 19:44

These steps only need to be completed once per semester.

Before syncing your students' assignment grades, you will first need to sync or map the assignments so that the tool knows where to put the assignment grades.

To sync assignments, select the Assignments tab in the Hawkes sync tool.

When you view the list of assignments, you will notice that some rows are dark green and some light green. The dark green rows are your Hawkes Assignment Groups. You can choose to sync only the assignment groups, only the individual assignments or a combination.

Place a check mark next to each assignment and/or assignment group that you would like to sync.

For these assignments/assignment groups, you can choose to either create a new column in your LMS [Blackboard/Canvas/Brightspace (D2L)/Moodle], which is the default, or link it to an existing column. (Note: It is not currently possible to link to an existing column in Moodle.)

To create a new column for the grades, leave the "Action to Perform" drop-down menu set to "Create LMS Column".

To link to an existing column, select the drop-down menu for that assignment/assignment group. Then choose the column you would like to link to.

When you are finished, press Sync. Then press Confirm.