Declined Transactions
Reference Number: AA-00654 Last Updated: 2023-07-31 10:40

There are several reasons that your transaction may have been declined:

1. Zip code verification (most common): The billing zip code entered did not match the zip code on file with the bank for the credit card used. Please contact your bank to confirm the correct billing zip code before attempting another transaction.

2. Card code mismatch: You may have incorrectly entered the credit card security code. The security code is the three digit number on the back of your card.

3. Declined by the bank: Please contact your bank to determine the reason for the declined transaction.

Please note that in many cases your bank will put a temporary hold on your account even if the transaction was declined. This does not mean that you have been charged. The hold is usually removed after 3-5 business days, depending on the bank.