Student Getting Started
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Student Getting Started

Create an Account

Select the Create an Account button on the student sign-in page to create your Hawkes student account. 

Sign In

To sign into your student account, go to the sign-in page, enter your email address and password, and press Sign In.

Adding a Course

Once signed in to your account, select Add Course. Select your school, product, instructor, and section.

Request Temporary Access

If enabled by your instructor, you may access your course on a temporary basis, without having to pay for an Access Code or License Number. 

Forgot Password

If your password is incorrect, select the Forgot password link to reset your password. If your email address is not recognized, please contact Hawkes Technical Support for assistance.


If you were enrolled in a different course using Hawkes during a previous term, you may need to transfer your Access Code. For help with transferring, see the "How to Transfer Into a Different Instructor's Grade Book" article.

Access Assignments and Course Materials

Press the View Course button from the Dashboard to view your course. Access your assignments directly from the To-Do List, or select the other tabs to view only assignments in a certain category. If your instructor has provided course materials, there will also be a Materials tab.

For more information on lessons, see the "What are Learn, Practice and Certify?" article. For more information on taking a test, see the "How Do I Take a Test in the Web Platform?" article.

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