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1 Accessible Textbook Request

You can obtain a copy of our PDF textbook through AccessText Network. Your school???s Disability Services department should be able to connect with them to request a copy for you. However, for the best and most accessible experience, we recommend that students…

2 Hawkes Learning Accessibility Team and Questions

For additional information or questions regarding Hawkes Learning and accessibility, please email the team at accessibility@hawkeslearning.com.

3 Hawkes Learning Product VPATs

What is a VPAT A VPAT?? ( Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) is a document that explains how different technology products such as software, hardware, electronic content, and support documentation meet and conform to the Revised 508 Standards for IT…

4 Screen Reader Best Practices

If using a screen reader, we recommend reviewing and utilizing all of the following best practices: Screen Reader Compatibility Mode We recommend that students enable "Screen Reader Compatibility" mode in the software to improve navigation. Log into your…