Hawkes Learning Student Single Sign On
Reference Number: AA-00775 Last Updated: 2023-05-19 11:39

What is Single Sign On

Single Sign On is a direct link in your LMS course (Canvas/Blackboard/Moodle/D2L) that bypasses the Hawkes account creation process by automatically creating the student???s Hawkes account, and enrolls the student into the instructor's corresponding section.

How is Single Sign On Created

Single Sign On cannot be used unless the instructor links their Hawkes section to their LMS section, and publishes the Single Sign On link in their LMS course.

How is Single Sign On Accessed

If your school and instructor uses Hawkes Single Sign On, the location of the Single Sign On link in your LMS course may vary depending on your school's LMS system. The most common locations of the Single Sign On link are:

  • Canvas: Placed in a course "Module"
  • D2L: Placed in a course "Module"
  • Blackboard: Placed under the "Content" tab
  • Moodle: Placed under a course "Topic"

If your instructor is using Hawkes Single Sign On and you're unable to locate the link, please contact your instructor directly to confirm it's location in your LMS course.

Using Single Sign On

Hawkes Learning recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers on a desktop or laptop computer to launch Single Sign On. 

Single Sign On may not open correctly if using a smartphone or tablet device due to a mobile web browser's cookie restrictions. Single Sign On may also not launch if the window opens within the same web browser page. To open the page in a new window or tab, press and hold the Single Sign On link and choose the option to open in a new window or tab.