Inclusive Access Best Practices for Instructors
Reference Number: AA-00767 Last Updated: 2023-02-21 16:12

If your school is interested in setting up Inclusive Access with Hawkes Learning, please email for more information.

Hawkes Grade Book Settings

The following Hawkes Grade Book settings will help ensure your sections set up correctly and students receive access to Hawkes.

Resetting LMS Associations for old Hawkes sections

If previous students are still enrolled in old Hawkes sections and LMS sections, resetting the LMS association link will ensure they don't accidentally access the wrong course.

In the Hawkes Grade Book, go to:

  • Tools > Reset Grade Books
  • Select the option to Remove Section LMS associations, if any
  • Select the section(s) to reset
  • Select Reset Grade Book

Create New Sections Each Term

Create a new section that your students can enroll into to link to the corresponding LMS section.

Disable Section Transferring

Enrollment or transferring occurs when students click on the Hawkes Single Sign On link in the LMS course. If a student accidentally clicks on the Hawkes Single Sign On link from an old section that's still linked, they may get transferred back to that old section in Hawkes. To prevent this, disable transferring in your Hawkes Grade Book by going to:

  • Tools > Display Options
  • Selecting Student cannot transfer themselves at all
    • Optional setting to allow students to transfer after end date of the section

Disable Student Requested Temporary Access Codes (Couse Administrator only setting)

Since students receive permanent access to Hawkes using Single Sign On, there's no need for students to manually create a temporary account. This setting can be disabled for the entire Grade Book by a Course Administrator from:

  • Tools > Display Options
  • Select the option Students may no request Temporary Access (applies to the entire CourseID)

Require Students to use their .edu Email Address (Course Administrator only setting)

This helps to reinforce students are logging in using Hawkes Single Sign On and using the correct email address if they create a Hawkes account outside of Single Sign On. This setting can be enabled for the entire Grade Book by a Course Administrator from:

  • Tools > Display Options
  • Select the option Students must use their .edu email addresses when creating their Hawkes account (applies to the entire CourseID)

Inclusive Access Student Drops or Opt-outs

If a student needs to be dropped from the course or chooses to opt-out of the Inclusive Access and is not sure how, the school's bookstore or registrar's office can assist the student. If a student is reported as dropped or opted-out, they are not charged in their tuition and this is reported back to Hawkes by the school's bookstore or the Inclusive Access vendor the school uses.