Using ProctorU Auto in Blackboard with a Hawkes WebTest
Reference Number: AA-00762 Last Updated: 2021-07-19 17:39

Checklist Before Starting

1. Link your Hawkes section to your Blackboard course

2. Create a WebTest in Hawkes and assign it to your course.

  • Create a unique password for this test under the General Settings for the WebTest. You will use this password in step 3 below. 

Open ProctorU Extension within Blackboard

1. Log into Blackboard

2. Log into the ProctorU Auto Extension

  • Click on the ProctorU Auto extension icon within the browser toolbar of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser
  • Once you are logged in to the extension, it should open the ProctorU Dashboard as another tab within your browser

**The ProcotorU Auto extension needs to stay open and you need to stay logged in for the remaining steps below.**

Link the Hawkes WebTest to a Blackboard Test

Go to your course in Blackboard that will be assigned the Hawkes WebTest using ProctorU Auto, and follow these steps:

1.    Copy the link from the Hawkes Single Sign On Tool

  • Go to the Hawkes Single Sign On Tool, right click, then choose ???Copy link address???. 
  • Save the link address to use in step 3 below.

2.    Create a test in Blackboard.

  • Go to Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > select Tests > select Build Test.
  • Name your Test, enter any instructions in the Description area, select Submit.

3.    Add one question to the test that links to Hawkes

  • Select Create Question then select a True/False question type.
  • Add the following information to the question:
    • In the Question Title box, name the question.
    • In the Question Text box, include the following text:

1. Access the test in Hawkes using the following link: [Insert the Hawkes SSO link - see instructions below]
2. Navigate to your To Do List to take the [Insert WebTest name] test in Hawkes
3. The password for the Hawkes Test is: [Insert password assigned to Hawkes WebTest]
4. Complete and submit your test in Hawkes
5. Close the Hawkes tab to return to the Blackboard tab
6. Answer this question ???I have completed this test within Hawkes Learning??? and submit to finish

    • Insert Single Sign On link to the Question Text:
      • Use your mouse to select/highlight ???Click Here to access Hawkes??? and select the Link icon. 
      • In the window that appears, paste in the link address that you saved from step 1 above. In the Target box, select ???Open in New Window (_Blank).???
      • Select the ???Insert??? button to finish creating the link to Hawkes.
    • Select the Correct Answer for the question:
      • Select True as the correct answer for this question.
    • Set the point value of the question to ???0 points???. We recommend that you do not include the Blackboard Test as part of the student???s grade, as their Hawkes Test grade will sync over into Blackboard.
  • Scroll back up to the top and select ???Submit,??? then select OK in the bottom Right.
4.    Assign the test in Blackboard and make it live
  • Select ???Content??? in the top left navigation area > select the Assessments dropdown > select Test.
  • Next to ???Add an Existing Test,??? select the Test you just created > select ???Submit???.
  • Underneath ???Test Availability??? complete the following:
    • Select Yes next to Make Available to Students
    • Add a time limit that is at least 5+ minutes longer than the time limit for your WebTest in Hawkes. Set the open and close dates and times of the Blackboard quiz to be the same as the Hawkes WebTest.
    • Enter a Password for the Blackboard test. ProctorU requires a Blackboard test password and will automatically enter this password for the student when they are logged in to the ProctorU extension. This does not need to be the same as the Hawkes Test password.

Update ProctorU Settings in Blackboard

1.    Enable ProctorU Auto for the Test in Blackboard
  • Right click on the Test and Choose ???Edit the Test Options??? to Enable ProctorU Auto
  • Turn on ProcotorU for the Blackboard Test
  • Next to Session Type select Automatic and Low   
  • Next Select Custom and make sure Browser Tabs are Allowed
    • This will allow your students to open a new tab to Hawkes Learning.
    • Next to Web select Pre-approved website
      • As a reminder, within 48 hours of student taking the exam your students recorded video (front facing and computer screen) will be reviewed and any incidences reported. You will be able to review any incidences, along with the recorded videos yourself, within your ProcotorU Dashboard.
  • Select a calculator option, if you would like your students to have access to it.
  • Adjust any other options to your preference.
    • Select ???Submit??? in the bottom right.
2.    Enter Pre-Approved Websites on the ProctorU Dashboard
  • Open the ProctorU Dashboard
    •  This tab should have opened when you logged into the ProctorU extension within your web browser
  • Select the Home tab of this Dashboard and scroll down the page to your list of tests.
  • Next to the Blackboard test, select the Edit  button
  • Scroll down to the Configuration area and Whitelisted URLs
  • Select Add URL to create 4 textboxes to input the approved URLs
  • Add the following to Whitelisted URLs:

  • Exam URL should automatically fill with your university???s Blackboard URL
  • Select Submit for review on the right side of the screen.