Instructor Getting Started
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Instructor Getting Started

Create your Teach Account and Link your Courses

Create a Teach account to manage all of your courses and view them as a student from one central location. Add a course link to access your Grade Book, course settings and more.

Set up Class Sections

Create a new section that your students can enroll into or edit an existing section. When creating or editing sections, you have the option to copy or create a course shell. You can also copy settings from one of your existing sections.

Visit: Manage Sections

Setting up Temporary Access

Students can request temporary access to your section once your section start date and end date is entered. Students have two weeks from the section start date to request their temporary access.

Visit: Manage Temporary Access Codes

Assign Grade Weights for Hawkes Assignments

Assignment groups are used to group similar assignments together for grading. You can create a new Assignment Group, delete groups, and rearrange assignments. You can adjust the weight distribution of assignment groups to be even, proportional or sum.* You can also drop the lowest or keep the highest set number of assignments within an Assignment Group, and choose whether an assignment or Assignment Group is included in the grade or is a bonus.

*Note: This option is not available for points-based Grade Books.

Visit: Assignment Groups

Set up Late Penalties

Create late penalty templates for Lessons and WebTests to deduct a certain number of points or a percentage from grades for Certify and WebTest assignments that are completed after the due date. Penalties can either be fixed to apply a fixed penalty or graduated to apply a penalty based on how many days late the assignment is completed.

Visit: Late Penalty

*WebTest Late Penalty feature released on 11/1/2021. For documentation on how to use this feature, please email

Assign Lesson Due Dates for Certify

Set up due dates for the lessons you plan to assign as homework in your course.  You can set up a due date template from scratch and assign it to a single section or multiple sections. You can also modify existing due date templates by bulk shifting the due dates to match the dates for the new term.

Visit: Lesson Due Dates 

Edit Curriculum Settings and Content

Edit the settings (including settings for Require Practice, FlexMastery, Enhanced Practice, etc.) for the lessons you plan to assign as homework in your course. Choose which question types are included in Practice and Certify for the lessons you assign.

Visit: Curriculum

Set up Tests and Quizzes

Use the Assignment Builder tool to create your own custom tests and quizzes from scratch, assign them to students to complete online, and export them to print for in-class work. You can also modify the settings for new or existing assignments that you are reusing from a previous term.

Visit: WebTests 

Reporting and Analytics

Hawkes provides access to several useful reports to track your students' progress throughout the term. View overall completion and grade information, review completed assignments, view timing data for lessons and WebTests, see commonly missed questions, and more.

Visit: Reports

The Online Grade Book Guide also provides detailed information on every page in the Grade Book. For additional Grade Book videos, please visit our Instructor Tutorials page.