Respondus Monitor Student Help
Reference Number: AA-00742 Last Updated: 2024-07-12 11:35

Using Respondus Monitor

Your school will provide the install file for the version of Respondus Monitor required to complete your assignment. If you are unsure how to install Respondus Monitor, please contact your school's helpdesk.

Follow these steps to open your Hawkes WebTest using Respondus Monitor. Make sure all applications and programs on your computer all closed.

1. Launch Respondus Monitor, log in to your LMS (Canvas, Brightspace/D2L, Blackboard or Moodle) account, enter your course.

2. Access the related test or quiz in your LMS course. If you are unsure where the quiz or test is located, contact your instructor to confirm.

  • Canvas: Located under Quizzes.
  • D2L/Brightspace: Located under Assessments/Quizzes, but also commonly under Content.
  • Blackboard: Located under Content
  • Moodle: Can vary, but normally under where quizzes/tests are located in your course.
Note: Do not access your Hawkes account using the standard Single Sign On link. This will log you in to your Hawkes account while in Respondus Monitor, but you will not be able to complete your quiz or test.

3. Perform the required Respondus Monitor camera checks and other startup activities.

4. After completing the Respondus Monitor startup activities, click the link in the assignment question to Hawkes to begin your Hawkes WebTest.

5. After submitting the WebTest in Hawkes, return to the assignment landing page in your LMS course and submit your attempt.

Common Issues

"If you are not redirected, please make sure you are accessing the test from Respondus Monitor" Message

  • You'll receive this message if you open Respondus Monitor and open your Hawkes account using Single Sign On without performing the required Respondus Monitor camera checks first. 
  • Return to your LMS course and access the quiz or test link where it's officially placed so that you can complete the required Respondus Monitor camera checks and startup activities.

"Error 404 Page Cannot Be Displayed" Message

  • You'll receive this message while in your Hawkes account if to attempt to launch a different Hawkes WebTest rather than the one that was selected to take from your LMS course.
  • Fully close out of Respondus Monitor and follow the steps again to access the assignment, making sure to open the correct, matching WebTest in Hawkes.

Assignment Password

  • If you're prompted for a password in Respondus Monitor to proceed with your test, please contact your instructor to provide. Hawkes cannot provide test passwords to students.

Multiple Test Attempts

  • If you have multiple test attempts, but aren't able to start any additional attempts, please email your name, school, instructor, and assignment name. Multiple attempt settings have to be set in the Respondus settings and in the Hawkes WebTest settings.

Linked Blocked Warning

  • If you're receiving a message that a link is blocked and preventing you from launching your assignment, please email the blocked URL text (usually located in the top right corner by clicking the "?" icon) to Your instructor will need to be notified to check the Respondus settings