Accessing a WebTest with Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor
Reference Number: AA-00742 Last Updated: 2021-12-10 16:52

If your instructor requires you to take your Hawkes WebTest while using Respondus LockDown Browser with the Monitor feature, please follow the steps below:

1. Open LockDown Browser and access the related test or quiz in your school's Learning Management System (Canvas, Brightspace/D2L, Blackboard or Moodle)

2. After opening LockDown Browser, signing in, and starting the related test or quiz in your school's LMS, perform the required camera checks and other startup activities

3. After completing the Respondus Monitor startup activities, click the link in the test or quiz question to Hawkes to begin your Hawkes WebTest

4. After submitting the Hawkes WebTest, return to the Canvas/Brightspace/Blackboard/Moodle test or quiz and submit it