Reference Number: AA-00736 Last Updated: 2023-11-17 07:53

Hawkes Settings

Create your WebTest and Enter the Required Settings

1. Create your Hawkes WebTest

2. Select your WebTest in Hawkes and update the General Settings for the test:   

  • Open Date & Time (Required)
  • Close Date & Time (Required)
  • Password (Required)
  • Test Length 

Assign your WebTest

  • Select the Assign tab from Assignments > WebTests in Hawkes
  • Select the WebTest and your section
  • Press the Assign button

LMS Settings

Honorlock settings must be entered at least 48 hours before the test start date and time you set in Hawkes (Required)

Before updating the LMS settings, you must:

Set up Honorlock in your LMS

Instructional Video: Using Honorlock for Universal Exams

1.    Register Third Party Exam

  • Within your LMS, select the Honorlock extension
  • Select the vertical ellipses button
  • Select Register 3rd Party Exam

2.    Enter Settings to Register a Third-Party Exam

  • Exam Name: We recommend using the same name as the assignment in Hawkes
  • Exam Start: Enter same start date and time assigned in Hawkes
  • Exam End: Enter same end date and time assigned in Hawkes
  • Exam Password: Enter the same password assigned in Hawkes
  • Exam Platform: Hawkes
  • Enter Exam URL/Link: You can enter one of the following links in this field:
    • Direct Assignment Link (recommended): From your LMS assignment list, right-click, copy the link address, and paste the direct link for the assignment into the field
    • Hawkes Single Sign On Link: https://lmssynctool.hawkeslearning.com/LTISSOLaunch
    • Student portal link (used if you do not integrate Hawkes into your LMS): https://learn.hawkeslearning.com

3.    Select Honorlock proctoring settings

  • Select a box to enable the corresponding setting. The blue checkmark will indicate which settings are enabled. Available settings may vary based on your school setup.
  • Whitelist URLs: be as specific as possible when entering URLs that students can access during the exam. Don???t forget to include a link to the whitelisted URL in the test instructions or within a test question.

4.    Select Student Guidelines

  • This allows students to know what guidelines they are expected to adhere to when taking the exam.
  • For Additional Instructions: Consider entering how students will get to their Hawkes exam in your LMS

5.    Enter Accommodations (Optional)

  • Only visible to Honorlock proctors
  • Include exam taker name and accommodation details

6.    Exam Visibility

  • Leave "no, use the dates on the exam to determine student view" selected to respect the start and end dates entered within your LMS.

7.    Select Save to finish setup.

If you have any questions, please contact us!