D2L: Synchronize Grades Manually
Reference Number: AA-00727 Last Updated: 2021-11-17 19:40

Why would I want to manually sync grades?

You will ONLY need to manually sync grades if you have not set up automatic scheduled grade synchronization or have a need to push grades over immediately. We recommend that you set up automatic grade synchronization instead of manually syncing

How to Manually Sync Grades

1. Select a D2L course. Then select the Hawkes Synchronization Tool.

2. Select the Assignment Grades tab.

3. Select the checkbox next to Student Name/Assignment Name to select all students and all assignments.

  • If you have more than 40 students, you must open the Results drop-down menu and select Show All to view all students. Otherwise, all student grades will not be synced over.  

4. Select Sync to sync all grades over to D2L.


5. A confirmation page will load displaying what will be synced. Select all students again.

6. Select Continue.

7. Select Confirm, and the grade synchronization process will begin.

Assignment Grades Tab Notes & Best Practices  

  • If you decide to manually sync grades over to D2L, it is best practice to sync at least once per week to minimize the time it takes for the grade syncing to be completed.
  • We recommend setting up your assignment groups in D2L and categorizing the Hawkes assignments within them so that students see their accurate grade in D2L.