Blackboard: Set Up Single Sign On
Reference Number: AA-00695 Last Updated: 2023-01-04 15:42

What is Single Sign On?

Hawkes Single Sign On bypasses the Hawkes account creation and sign in process by automatically creating the student???s Hawkes account, enrolling them in the correct Hawkes section, and automatically providing them with temporary access to Hawkes the first time they select the Single Sign On link.

Note: Instructors need to enter section start and end dates in the Hawkes Grade Book for student to receive temporary access at the start of the term.

How to Set Up Single Sign On

1. Before students can use the Single Sign On link, your Blackboard course needs to be linked to the corresponding Hawkes section using the Hawkes Sync Tool.

2. In most cases, your Blackboard Administrator will have added the Single Sign On link to your course, usually under Content. If not, you may add it to any location you choose by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Content area
  • Select Tools from menu at the top. Then select Hawkes Learning from the drop-down menu
  • Add a description if you like. Otherwise select Submit to add it to your course.

Blackboard Ultra Single Sign On

Blackboard Ultra is a newer user interface (UI) that may be enabled at your school. If Blackboard Ultra is enabled, click on "View Course and Institution Tools" to locate the Single Sign On link. Click the "+" next to the tool name to add it.

Single Sign On Notes & Best Practices

  • We recommend you set up Single Sign On to open in a new tab to help prevent potential browser errors. To set this up, the Blackboard Administrator must do the following:
    • Go to Admin > LTI Tool Providers
    • Open the options menu for the Hawkes Single Sign On entry
    • Select Edit
    • Select Manage Placements
    • Select the options menu again
    • Select Edit
    • Select Launch in New Window
    • Select Submit