Hawkes Learning IP Addresses and Emails
Reference Number: AA-00632 Last Updated: 2021-08-25 05:03

To ensure access to all Hawkes Learning websites are available to students, instructors, and faculty for their online courses using Hawkes, we recommend that our IP address ranges are set to be accepted by the school.

Hawkes Learning IP address ranges:


Hawkes Learning has configured SPF and DKIM for email authentication and validation. We also recommend the following emails generated by Hawkes Learning are accepted and not set to be flagged or quarantined to prevent a user from receiving an email from Hawkes.

Hawkes Learning emails:

  • support@hawkeslearning.com
  • instructorsupport@hawkeslearning.com
  • training@hawkeslearning.com
  • no-reply@hawkeslearning.com
  • noreply@hawkeslearning.com
  • verify@hawkeslearning.com
  • activate@hawkeslearning.com
  • bookstore@hawkeslearning.com